website design

Building a website for your brand or business is hard, time-consuming, and frustrating. Trail Mix Creative changes all of that! We care about making killer websites that are fast, fun, adventurous, and a perfect fit for you. 

We believe in empowering small businesses and non-profits to build their own websites (check out our blog for free resources!),! But, we are also deeply passionate about taking on the task of website design/development to free up time, energy, and resources for you. You can see all of our website design services below!

Design for All

While we love the outdoors and mountains, we love implementing designs of all types and genres. We will ensure that your brand/business has a website perfectly designed for your aesthetic.

Function and Form

Not only do we make websites that are beautifully designed, we also care about how they function. We can find solutions for simple and complex functions to ensure that your website serves you well!

CMS Platforms

While we absolutely love building websites with WordPress (the world’s leading Content Management System), not every project fits. Trail Mix Creative will build on whatever CMS best fits your project!


Creating an e-commerce website requires so many moving parts to all work perfectly together. We are ready to build your e-commerce site and train you to keep it running smoothly.

Hosting (Let's Fly)

Trail Mix Creative is an official agency partner of Flywheel (one of the fastest growing–and coolest–hosting companies in the world). If you need lighting fast hosting, we can resell through Flywheel!

Customer Support

Once you are in the Trail Mix Creative Family, you are always a part of our family. Even after you have paid your final invoice, we are always able to help solve any problems! We believe in empowering you now and forever.


Your brand deserves a custom look that matches your mission and vision. Trail Mix Creative adores helping others discover their brand by transcribing stories into visuals.

Branding is much more than colors and fonts. Branding is about telling your story in a clever way. Branding is about making your business feel unified and unique. This is why we believe branding is so important and why we are here to help you discover your own!

Logo Design

Your logo is your first and primary representation of your brand. Trail Mix Creative will create stunning logos for your brand/business/non-profit!


There are so many fonts out there! Each one tells its own story…and yours should too! Let us find the font(s) that match who you are what you stand for.

Color Palettes

Colors matter. Warm colors, cool colors, funky colors, subtle colors, bold colors…how do you choose a palette? Trail Mix Creative will develop a color palette curated for you!


Just like logos, custom icons can help visually tell your story in a creative way! Equipped with professional graphic design skills and software, we will create perfect icons for you.

Brand Language

So, maybe you don’t have your story fully figured out…and, that’s okay! We can help give language to your mission and values to solidify your brand.

Brand Kits

Never lose track of your brand identity again with a custom-tailored brand kit. We will put together a toolset of your branding elements so you can use them everywhere!

social media

Social media helps businesses grow their client base, advertise their product or service, and express their brand identity. The down side of social media in the world today, is that the platforms and algorithms ungirding the technology itself change rapidly. This means that if you don’t stay up to date on such changes, you will not acquire the return you are looking for. 

Trail Mix Creative can put you on the map by implementing robust social media management for you. Everything from detailed analytics to advertising management, we can help!

Content Posting

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn…so many social media channels! Trail Mix Creative will create and post your content so that you don’t have to lift a finger.

Ad Management

Managing social media advertisements can be tricky! Let us handle creating, scheduling, and budgeting so you can acquire the leads you need without any of the hassle.

Detailed Analytics

To make sure that you know your social media posts and ads are generating results, we will provide detailed analytics. Trail Mix Creative believes in showing you the results!

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