mission. values. objectives.

who we are

Trail Mix Creative is a company founded for the purpose of helping small businesses, non-profits, brands, and individuals tell their stories. We exist to provide creative vision for others so that launching, re-branding, or re-focusing your business is simple.

We value every voice (especially the voices that go without being heard). We value honesty, justice, integrity, and hospitality. We are open to every project and stand to affirm the stories of all.

Our primary objective is to help you succeed. We seek to help others grow, focus, and excel through creative website design, strategic branding, and robust social media management. 

meet morgan

Morgan Greenhaw is the creative genius behind Trail Mix Creative! She is a full-time professional ceramicist (you can check out her work by heading to her website moonshineceramics.com), but is also a professionally-trained graphic designer. Morgan holds a BA in studio art from the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) and a BS in psychology from UAB.

Morgan loves the outdoors and spends as much time as she can exploring trails and transcribing the outdoors onto ceramic and digital surfaces.

Logan Greenhaw loves all things related to technology, code, analytics, and strategy. While he currently is in grad school studying religion and philosophy, he commits his time to learning the latest trends in technology. He is the geek behind the computer that makes the buttons click and the websites work. 

Logan also loves the outdoors and organizations that help protect the environment. He is passionate about storytelling and helping others tell their own story in a unique way. 

meet logan